Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Last December I participated in a trunk show where my door prize was a session fee and some prints... and a sweet 'old' friend won it! I was so thrilled to get to spend time with her family. Sharla was the president of my social club (sorority) when I pledged back in college at Abilene Christian. She was so kind, and look at these two sweetie pies! Byron was a great sport, too! Thanks guys. I had a blast.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

WOW things are really busy! I just hate to put photos up if families are using them as gifts to family... so I will leave this blog blank a bit longer!

If you are a Paris family, I am coming for a few days of Thanksgiving week! Email me for details!

Shew I LOVE my job!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It is a day I look forward to as soon as I put it on the calendar! The day I visit the Ronald McDonald House to visit precious families and take their pictures as a gift. Each visit I meet 'mostly' new families and learn their story.

Meet this little one. She was born at 30 weeks and weighed only 3 pounds.

She slept the whole time we were there. She was precious.

Now you may remember this sweet one, Ms. N. I met her on a previous visit and got to photograph her again on this visit. This time, sadly, she was in the hospital.
Her friends, Tabby. I think they were both named Tabby.
Meet Miss C. AND McLovin! The house dog! Mc did a great job poising!

You may have noticed her beautiful face paint, well Serendipity Escape joined me to provide face paint and FUN for the kids.
I love this photo of her checking herself out in the mirror.
Now this sweet guy, he really wasn't feeling well. He had just woken up.
We did get this sweet smile from him though.
Check out these big brown eyes! She was such a cutie pie.
She was feeling her role of the princess.
OH, and this beauty! She was working it!

Here are some pics of Serendipity Escape doing their thing!

Thanks girls!

Thanks Ronald McDonald House! I am already looking at my calendar to see when I can come again. Please pray for these patients. EACH ONE OF THEM checked a box to be put onto a prayer list!!! WOOHOOO! LET'S GET PRAYING FOR THEM! If you would like to know more... let me know.
It has been an incredible start to the busy season. I have already had quite a few shoots, but the prints are Christmas gifts to family.... so I get to keep them a secret! Here is one family that I get to share!

Meet the Cuffia Family. PRECIOUS! I enjoyed a Saturday morning with this sweet family.
DON'T you just love these super heros!!!

I love the way he is looking at his love.
Check out those eyes.
I just love photographing Mommys! This one has such a sweet heart and is such an encourager. I am thankful for her friendship.
Doesn't this just make you smile!

Thank you Cuffia family!

Ronald McDonald House post to come!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall season started this weekend for me and I am sooo very excited! I only TRULY have about 1 spot left to have time to get cards out! DON'T WAIT! I am so excited! Did I say that already???? This is going to be the best season E-V-E-R!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sisters. We had a wonderful time, before it got tooooo hot one morning. They were so sweet and fun! You can tell these girls are great friends.

Oh, and ONE of the reasons for the shoot, HENRY! He was a birthday present for Ms. A! My first time to photograph a puppy. Thanks girls, and MOM for a very fun morning.

Fall is beginning to fill up, so don't wait to schedule those holiday photo sessions! AND don't miss the opportunity for the free 8x10! You must mention the blog special WHEN booking to receive it! BRING ON FALL!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Hard to believe that Fall is around the corner! Don't wait to the last minute to schedule your photoshoots! All Fall shoots scheduled before September 1st will receive 1 free 8x10!! Your session date can be later than September 1st, but you must have it booked BY September 1st. Who knows, the first 5 bookings may also get something else..... I love surprises!


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Oh sweet Emerson! She loved this little brick pond. I met her back in the fall, but I know her mamma growing up days! We went to Paris back on Memorial weekend, and I got to capture this sweet girl before she becomes a big sister!
She loves her uncle Seth!This is a play house on the property we shot at. Isn't it amazing? I could really live in there, but it would be cramped with all 3 of my kids and husband. Plus the huge windows don't give you any privacy, but a girl can dream!
I didn't, but OH how I wanted to swing on this swing! Don't YOU? If I lived in that house, I could swing all day long!
Good times with dad.

Sweet girl, thank you for reminding us it is all about the splashes! To slow down, and enjoy the water on your face from your feet kicking the water. See you in the fall!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet the Miller Family! I have known this precious family about 5 years. I have taught kids in Sunday school, admired their parenting, and had the privilege of watching them do life. I haven't seen them in a year or so, and BOY did their kids grow up! Brian and Leslie look just the same!!

Here is the queen! And do you like her prop? Her husband put it in the picture. WHO gets double ICE!? The queen does.

Okay okay... I admit that the above photo may be in the top 3 from the day.
Or maybe it was this one?

NO, it was this one...

OH, we had a grand time. Thanks Millers! I enjoyed our day, and as always, LOVE watching your family from the outside. That will be us in a few years....same birth order....oh to think of Parker being that tall!!! Emaline that old!!! Or Bowden looking that good in PINK! I'm off to put bricks on each of their heads and to hug them tight!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This sweet family were ROCKSTARS! Sweet AIDEN was NOT SHY! He loved the camera and became my assistant. Amanda and I met last year when she subbed with me one day. She is so kind. I am very excited to meet her new addition...

Travis was such a good sport!

DID I MENTION HER NEW ADDITION!!!!? COHEN will be here next month. I can't wait for my camera to me him!

Thanks guys for such a fun evening, where yours was just beginning. AND TO THINK.... I am NOT EVEN DONE with your proofs. GIRL! You are going to have a hard time making decisions! Don't worry.... I will help!