Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It is a day I look forward to as soon as I put it on the calendar! The day I visit the Ronald McDonald House to visit precious families and take their pictures as a gift. Each visit I meet 'mostly' new families and learn their story.

Meet this little one. She was born at 30 weeks and weighed only 3 pounds.

She slept the whole time we were there. She was precious.

Now you may remember this sweet one, Ms. N. I met her on a previous visit and got to photograph her again on this visit. This time, sadly, she was in the hospital.
Her friends, Tabby. I think they were both named Tabby.
Meet Miss C. AND McLovin! The house dog! Mc did a great job poising!

You may have noticed her beautiful face paint, well Serendipity Escape joined me to provide face paint and FUN for the kids.
I love this photo of her checking herself out in the mirror.
Now this sweet guy, he really wasn't feeling well. He had just woken up.
We did get this sweet smile from him though.
Check out these big brown eyes! She was such a cutie pie.
She was feeling her role of the princess.
OH, and this beauty! She was working it!

Here are some pics of Serendipity Escape doing their thing!

Thanks girls!

Thanks Ronald McDonald House! I am already looking at my calendar to see when I can come again. Please pray for these patients. EACH ONE OF THEM checked a box to be put onto a prayer list!!! WOOHOOO! LET'S GET PRAYING FOR THEM! If you would like to know more... let me know.
It has been an incredible start to the busy season. I have already had quite a few shoots, but the prints are Christmas gifts to family.... so I get to keep them a secret! Here is one family that I get to share!

Meet the Cuffia Family. PRECIOUS! I enjoyed a Saturday morning with this sweet family.
DON'T you just love these super heros!!!

I love the way he is looking at his love.
Check out those eyes.
I just love photographing Mommys! This one has such a sweet heart and is such an encourager. I am thankful for her friendship.
Doesn't this just make you smile!

Thank you Cuffia family!

Ronald McDonald House post to come!