Sunday, January 24, 2010

I can't really even believe
it is 2010! Thank you for making 2009 the best year ever for
Paige Pearson Photography!
I have the best clients ever!
SOOOOOO, I am giving you a
heads up,
there will be some changes made to

Paige Pearson Photography February 1st! I just might start offering some packages, yep I listened. I just might sell some digital images,
and I just might offer some things that are timeless.
Session fees will be $100 starting Februar
y 1st, UNLESS....
All sessions booked in 2010 but before February 1st will carry the $75 dollar session fee. Got that? Let me explain... if you know you want a spring session in April, and you book now, it is only $75, but wait until February 1st to call, it will be $100.

I will only be working a few weekends in the month, these 3 kids are keeping me busy, so don't wait to book.
I will also be returning to Paris in the spring, and the Ronald McDonald House. If you are interested in either of these, email me so that I can add you to
the email list.

You may be can I be interested in the Ronald McDonald House when my kids are healthy, here is how. When I go to the Ronald McDonald House I donate my time and then give a complimentary CD to the parents with their images, but you know what....these parents have so much on their plate some don't have time to get prints made. In 2010, I am offering YOU the opportunity to make a family smile! You can adopt a family and provide a special package of prints just for them that we can deliver with their CD's. I would also like for you to commit to pray for them as well, send notes of encouragement. The sweet girl in the photo above, her name is Kyra. I photographed her this fall, and again last week while we were there serving dinner. She is having surgery on February 4th. They need to remove everything the cancer has her face. I know she will lose an eye through this surgery along with many other details I care not to share, but please pray for them.
Pray for her parents, pray for the doctors, and pray for sweet Kyra.
When I see her again, she will look very, very different.
ALSO, don't forget to save your soda tabs!
(By the way, the boy, I mean young man in the photos is Kyra's BFF Bubba, or Mitchell. If you linked then you saw his photos from the hospital when he was going through treatment. They get to go home, or you know what, they may be home now! God is so good!)
Oh, and I don't know what is going on with the font getting so big. I tried to change it, but it didn't work! Oh well. Have a great day!