Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hello Aledo! Last week I met up with 2 sweet families in Aledo, on a warm morning! Meet the Dalton's! I love it when moms come to a shoot ready to be in the photos. So many times we are the ones behind the camera and we don't get into many photos! This momma rocked it!

Her boys were super cute, even though they were melting...melting...

We risked our lives on this bridge, but it was a mamma's idea, so if she will risk it, I will risk it and try to keep everyone safe!

Meet the Raye's! Right now, they are on their way to a 25 day vacation! So fun, and so were the kids!

Sweet Zoi!

Sweet Parker.

Thanks kids and families, it was a great (warm) morning!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My camera attacked me! Seriously! I was in a photoshoot and had my camera on my shoulder as we positioned a little one I pushed camera onto my back as I was bending. I bent over and my camera plus speedlight FLEW into my elbow. It hurt so bad. It woke me up all night long as I tried to get comfortable. It continues to turn colors. Why does freaky things always happen to me?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Please meet a very special person, and family. This is Ms. Angela. We first met 5 years ago at a special preschool, we taught the same age group but in different classrooms. We both left the school for different reasons. Fast forward to last year. I was changing age groups and the preschool had hired a co-teacher for the Giraffe class...and guess who it was? Yep, you guessed it! Ms. Angela! I loved getting to know her, spending time with her, teaching with her. She is such a patient person, and mommy. After Thanksgiving, I shared with her that I was expecting (bowden), and a few weeks later she informed me that she was too! We were due just a week apart, and with the same doctor. We walked through the whole pregnancy together. I was blessed to have a friend going through it with me, praying for me. She didn't come back to preschool this past year, she stayed home with her sweet baby. Her husband is being relocated and this is their last week in Texas. They are moving all the way to Tennslvana! That is what Parker calls it. She will be missed by so many, she was such an example of Christ for many of us girls. The way she has handled situations in her life speaks volumes of her faith. I love you Angela. And I will stop now and share the photos because my eyes are doing that thing that makes it hard to see the screen!

They really do like me, I promise!
And the family!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet my sweet new friend, Sadie. I have prayed for her since she was born. She has the most wonderful parents, and big sister.

Molly is an amazing big sister. She loved hugging and kissing that sweet angel.

D and J thank you for allowing me to capture these 2 beauties!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Girl! I am just getting started...and I have to go to bed...but I KNOW you are dying to see these! I haven't even gotten to cowboy clothes!! I must rest, but JS, I JUST had to show you these. IT was so much fun hanging with the boys and aunt weezer! WE HAVE to get lunch or something next time I come in because yes! we have lots to catch up on. THis was my first time to meet these boys, but it seemed like I have known them forever! Their momma and I used to play many sports together, but basketball was the most memorable. 

Your boys were great sports and so polite. THanks JS for allowing me to capture some memories for you! LOVE YOU!

My sweet Caden. You would have thought we were long lost friends. He was so happy to see me, and you know, I was happy to see him! He wanted to show me everything, especially some animals. On this visit, I also got to meet sweet sister. HELLO DOLL!

Thanks C family! I had a great time photographing you again.

Of course I try to always have my own kids portraits done when I go to Paris! It is hard to actually have an actual shoot when we are in Keller. I thought these turned out great!

I just had to post this last one. Look at Ms. E's sass!

A special thanks to our hosts! The yard was beautiful! I can't wait to see it when the pool is done. We may have to come and make some more!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Hello Gorgeous! I've known her since the minute she arrived, and loved her that long. Thank you for making the drive, for me and your mommy to see each other. I miss her. I wonder what size canvas she will order this time...hmmmm.