Sunday, May 31, 2009

I love going to Paris! I get to photography sweet cousins, like in the post before, and old friends! These beautiful kids belong to a dear friend Elisha. We grew up together in Paris and it has been a JOY seeing her family every Memorial Day weekend. We just need to do it more often. My fault, totally!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I bet you remember my sweet cousins Kanyon and Jaymie if you have read my blogs for a while. I love this bundle, and can't believe he is getting so big. Thank you for sharing him with me today!

I love you Kan-Man!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I love the Ronald McDonald House. I have had cousins richly blessed by the RMH. I have had friends richly blessed by the Ronald McDonald House. Then my MIL introduced me into saving my soda tabs for them. We are on a campaign with them. I have my great aunt in Clarksville, Texas saving those tabs for us. A friend in Houston is saving them for us. My preschool is saving them for us. During our sprin
g break, we went with MIL to go drop off our tabs. During that time I noticed all the beautiful photos on the wall. These photos on the wall capture miracles. After our tour, I stuck my head in and met a wonderful lady, and I told her I wanted to help. TADA! A couple of weeks ago, a trusty helper and I went to RMH of Fort Worth and photographed some beautiful girls! ALL GIRLS this trip. Maybe next time I can get some boys! I was reminded that my kids catch stuff, germs, colds, stuff,....but my kids are not sick. My kids don't die on Monday and brought back to life after 2 hours of being worked on to be PERFECT and quoting scripture (see first beautiful girl) when she woke up! I took her photo on Friday. I say perfect, but a long road ahead of this sweet girl. She needs a n
ew kidney I believe. I took her photos in her hospital bed because she still had not been released. She was a great sport.

And this beautiful girl, Check out those eyes!

The families of these kids go through so much. I truly can't imagine.

And this sweet girl, kept me on my toes. She was all over the place, and was dressed so cute. I can't fathom knowing I was going to be away from home for 3-4 MORE months. CRAZY! You have to live more than 30 miles away to stay at a RMH. They need donations. Check out their group on FACEBOOK to see how you can help.
And another sweet family. The photo below shows dad, and her donor, better known as sister! AMAZING!

Thank you RMH for allowing me to capture these for you, and who am I kidding, me. It made me feel good to see those mommy's faces when I told them I was giving them their photos for free! FOR FREE! Seriously, how couldn't I! I went to bless these families, and they blessed me. Isn't that how it works? Thank you Jesus for each of these girls I met. Thank you for the doctors who are helping them get better. Thank you for the mommies and daddies who sacrifice so much to get treatment for their kids. Thank you Jesus, for the gift of photography, to capture a memory, to remind us of all you have made possible. Thank you, Jesus!
We have been crazy around here. And as I type, my 10 m\ =]=

OLD is helping me type! I am so thankful to be so busy, but the blog has been put on the back bur
nER. Thanks b for the help!

THe website is under construction, a new logo coming, hint above! And lots of exciting news. One thing I want you to be aware of, I will not be working most of July, so if you are waiting , DON'T. Let's get you on the calendar.

I hope you have a great day, find Jesus somewhere.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! I hurried to pick a few to surprise you! It was fun today, I am so glad that the rain MOSTLY held off for us! I hope you got to rest some today, and Jace had fun at Pump It Up!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tomorrow I will be volunteering at Ronald McDonald House in Fort Worth. I am so excited about this opportunity! We have saved our soda tabs for them, and my cousin stayed there when he was so sick, and now I get to give back. I am SO EXCITED! I will tell you about it later!!!! I must go get some rest!


Monday, May 04, 2009

I am still amazed it didn't rain us out! We had a few sprinkles...but it didn't ruin the great time we had on Saturday. Meet the Hick's family. Don't hate them because they are so beautiful! I know Miley looks a bit sour in the above photo, but just wait until you see some of the others....I am sure they will be on the website soon!