Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Over Labor Day the girls that won the GIRLFRIEND GIVEAWAY and I had a wonderful time! These girls were college friends/roommates and have tried to get together once a year, but due to babies and jobs and locations.... I think they have had to skip a year or two. THIS YEAR- it happened! They were all able to get together and soak in love, laughter, worship, tears, and hopefully some good food! We started Saturday morning off early! These girls were so fun to work with!

They share scripture with each other, even sing! We did some singing in Southlake Town Center! BTW, Snuffer's patio has really good acoustics!

Thanks girls! It was fun to see you again- Class of 1998! GO WILDCATS!

I WILL be gifting another GIRLFRIEND SESSION after the first of the year!!! Stay tuned!