Wednesday, August 15, 2012



It is less than 2 months from Jenny's Run for Hope! I hope you all have October 13th on your calendar. This year we will have a 1 mile fun run, a 5K, AND---- a 10K! The proceeds of the run go towards the Gregg Pearson Foundation. If you haven't checked out all the good stuff the Gregg Pearson Foundation does- you should.  OH, you don't know who Jenny is and why should you run... well, Jenny was my sister friend - and you can read her story here. I miss her terribly. TERRIBLY!

You can read my running story here.

So, now you know my story- since that time I have ran a few 5ks and completed 2 half marathons with possibly ANOTHER before the end of the year- ALL FOR JENNY! SO you are also probably wondering why I am writing all of this on my Paige Pearson Photography website--- well, Jenny was my number #2 fan behind Stacey when I started this whole photography thing. Malaya was many times my guinea pig!

SO, for the next 7 days- 1 WEEK- when you register to run Jenny's Run for Hope and add in the comments or how did you hear about the run- put P3 give away- your name will be entered to win a free session with me this fall! That is a $100 value! YEP- FOR FREE. (1 entry per family)
We are still looking for vendors and sponsors--- you can find out that info on the website as well.

So GO NOW- and REGISTER! Don't forget to put P3 somewhere in your registration!!!